I am a hopeless dreamer.

There is no cure for my disease.

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what i hope my future will be like
I hope that when I grow up, I'll be married to someone called Bert and we’ll have a dog called Flo and even though we will be living on the streets dancing for loose change, we’ll still love eachother... and bang in public for a fiver an hour. But as long as there’s love.. that’s all that matters isn’t it?

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(Deleted comment)
I've actually lived in Louisiana for 8 years. We lived an hour away from Nola, and we just moved to Connecticut 3 months ago. I remember before the big bad hurricane, everything was awesome. But afterwards, and now... there is no money, and the music scene doesn't hardy compare to what it used to. They politicians and people with money are changing everything from the way it used to be, and it's just not fun anymore. I had friends in college there who became depressed because it was a lifelong dream to live there, but it just turned out to be more stressing than pleasing.
I dunno...
I miss the old Nola. But, I'm not trying to bring you down about it... sorry if thats what it seems.

I'm so glad someone is finally paying my journal attention and commenting. That feels nice and makes me want to post more.

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